Copy of UI Work

Concept Visual Design Work



TV APP - UI Concept Piece

A layout for a possible TV App. Features a large hero image and a carousel for browsing movie titles.  Choosing a title will give a brief synopsis of  the story as well as  being able to preview a trailor. Users are able to rate movies  helping others in choosing what to watch. 

News Letter Overlay- UI Concept Piece

Overlays have shown through research to have the ability to significantly increase signup rates over static embedded advertising. 

Bicycle ecommerce website-UI concept piece

Bicycle ecommerce  allows you to view bikes close up.


Hand-held light switch app- UI concept piece

Control the lighting inside and  outside your house anywhere with this app. With this app you can also create automatic on/off settings in the timer mode.

Email Receipt- UI concept piece

Most emailed receipts are very bland. I designed this  receipt  for a fictional clothing brand  giving it artistic value as well as an opportunity to promote further purchases.

Music Player- UI Concept Piece

An idea for a layout of an MP3 Music player. Larger images of album titles, with an option of switching display from list to grid style. Much of the settings located within hamburger menu to keep interface clean.


Onboarding -UI concept

An fictional fitness app designed as an example of a signup recruiting procedure. This app is an idea for people who desire to tailor their fitness goals by receiving daily exercise routines and tips by experts. 

Overly for a Jewelry website- UI concept piece

An overlay for an imaginary jewelry website. An example of how I used a plain picture of a couple kissing without context and  transformed it into a  powerful way to advertise  jewelry.

Credit Card Checkout- UI Concept Piece

Designed to look visually appealing while maximizing use of space. Split screen creates larger area to view. Completing order in stages optiimizes use of space.


Portable Movie App- UI concept piece

A possible layout for a movie app. Scrolling bar at the top saves space and allows people to easily find what they are looking for. 

Boarding Pass - UI Concept Piece

Be able to board a plane with your mobile device through scanning barcode. The blue ribbon on top efficiently saves space as appose to inserting it in the body. Seating map allows you to see ahead of time where you will be sitting. Also shows time remaining before landing.

Contact Us Page-UI Concept Piece

Contact page provides a map and a new style get directions button. Images of location give the viewer a depiction of what to look for when arriving at destination. A convenient form to message the business.


Leader Board- UI concept piece

Experimenting with types of leaderboard designs.

Website Design- UI Concept Piece

An example of an effective use of brutalism. This is a design for a fictional skateboarding company.

Drop Down Menu - UI Concept Piece

A simple illustration of how information architecture can be simplified by including a list of items within one of the drop down options. This saves space and is easy to psychologically compartmentalize.