1 Experiment Xion.Store Blue


Xion Project Overview  Dark Grayish blue Copy.png

Project Brief

  • Xion.Store Utah based startup company currently undergoing growth.

  • Outdoor retailer eCommerce modeled similar to Amazon's business.

  • Interfaced with stakeholder and received briefing of the objectives

  • CEO desired for new visitors to understand the company business model

My Approach

  • Focus on changing only things that were needed (i.e. user pain points)

  • Help users recognize Xion’s business model (Stakeholder’s) concern

  • Allow users to reveal design flaws through task instructions (usability testing)

  • Make iterations in design based off research findings

Visual Design

mountain bike icon 1.png

Top of Landing Page

Top landing picture sharp reg.png
Begging quote.png

Checkout Form



j Sharppng.png

*Research shows, payment forms in a darker banner promote feelings of safety

*The missing “Secure credit card” seal is typically seen in payment forms




Lower landing desc png.png

*The invisible thumbnail provided space to reiterate the business model for first timers

Search menus

close up sharpend png.png
Search Menus sharpend png.png

*The word “All” next to the search bar was changed to category since the list was more succinct

Top of Landing Revision

2 landing rev desc.png

*The expanded hero image reduced the cluttered look and made more room for ads

*Another a page for locating stores was added at top instead of the carousel



Competitive analysis can be critically important when trying to discover flaws in a design. Studying the layout of multiple designs provided inspiration and insights that would otherwise go unnoticed.  I also devoted a significant amount of time studying UX articles on how to improve eCommerce layouts. Studying UX research while conducting my own research helped improve the ideation process .