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About allrecipes

Allrecipes is the #1 ranking most popular social networking recipe sharing website. The company is based in Seattle, WA and traffics an estimated 25,000,000 unique monthly visitors. The business originated in 1997 and now operates 19 websites in 13 languages. Allrecipes.com's smartphone apps allow users to access the site and its user-uploaded content while on the go.  

Process Overview

  • 1:1 Interviews

  • Online Surveys

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Site map & User Flows

  • Wireframes & Iterations

  • Visual Design & Prototype

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  • I created a survey containing 9 multiple choice questions to discover peoples cooking habits

  • I posted the survey on Facebook. My teammates likewise posted it on their social media outlets

  • 35 people participated providing solid pool of data

  • Surveys provided us demographics of our most likely users

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How Do You Store Recipes?



  • Most people used websites instead of mobile apps

  • Ironically most people showed a willingness to use a mobile app

  • We investigated why people used websites over mobile apps

  • Scrolling between ingredients and directions was a big issue

  • We tried to adopt things not available on mobile

Use a Mobile App?

Service You Use?

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  • 6 in person interviews were conducted

  • Similar questions to what was on the survey were asked

  • The purpose was to discover qualitative data that was not yet found

Common User Complaints With Original App

  • Spelling errors

  • Separation of ingredients from directions

  • Lack of filtering options

  • Ineffective shopping list feature

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Affinity Diagram

  • Wrote down common responses people gave to questions on post it notes

  • Grouping these responses based on similarities helped us notice trends

  • We identified the most common reoccurring problems

  • Prioritized the most prominent complaints as our design focus

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Competitive Analysis

  • Identified 4 of our strongest competitors

  • Ironically Pinterest was the biggest

  • We discovered Allrecipes already incorporated most features

  • Emphasis shifted from keeping up with the other apps to improving

    existing features and distinguishing ourselves

  • We added voice activation to separate us from our competitors


Competitive analysis chart

Analysis: Since Allrecipes was already doing most things it’s competitors were doing, we decided to focus on making the features better as well as creating something new to set us apart from the other competitors.


primary persona

Prototype Testing


Left Photo) Adding lower navigation bar and putting lesser used features in hamburger menu was easier to mentally process.

Middle Photo) People had difficulty noticing that items were being added to shopping cart until a prompt over the cart icon would indicate it.

Right Photo) Selecting between ingredients and directions by tapping solved the complaint of having to scroll up and down between the two.  

Visual Design


Next steps

  • Research the complaints people are having with Alexa's narration of recipes and solve those problems.

  • Our teammates expressed regret not having more time to work on the visual design. Doing so would also require more testing after.

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What I learned

  • Often large companies will still produce products with many flaws

  • Let usability testing indicate what the best design is over another

  • What seems intuitive to the designer may not be intuitive to other users