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About Breakthrough

Breakthrough is an app for people looking  to improve their strength faster than what normal workout routines can provide. Periodization is a scientifically based method of training to maximize strength gains, prevent plateaus, and strategically time peak physical condition before a competition.

Problem with existing apps

  • Programs are random not scientifically based

  • Programs lead to plateaus

  • Results are slower than periodized training


Competitive Analysis

Only one  periodization app exists. This app was poorly designed and confusing to use. Due to this, an entirely new app needs to be designed, equipped with complete workout programs, video tutorials, and is easy to use. 


The general population is not aware of what periodization is unless they are serious athletes or have had some formal educational background in exercise. People who are most likely to use periodization are highly competitive athletes who need to strategically time peak conditioning before competitions.

Target audience:

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  • Athletic Coaches training individuals/teams

  • Athletes who compete at high levels

  • Bodybuilders

Calculating 1 Rep Max

Most one rep maximum calculators are designed for seasoned strength trainers, and those with little experience may find their actual one rep maximum is much lower because their nervous system cannot handle the stress of a high weight.

Several formulas exist for calculating 1 RM, the Epley and the Brzycki being the most common.

Epley Formula.png
Brzycki Formula.png

Various percentages of the one 1 RM are used to calculate how much weight (intensity) will be used at each phase of the periodization cycle.

Example of a linear periodization model based off 1 RM

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Primary Persona

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How Users Will Interact With The App

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Lo Fi Wireframes & Storyline


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Visual Design


Spec Doc

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Logo and App Icon Design

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Color Palette  

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It can sometimes be difficult to avoid taking the Swiss army knife approach by designing an app that can do many things. I decided to try and focus on designing  an app that does one thing really well. This helped with created a flow that was easy to follow and freed me to focus on designing something that was unique while solving a problem which solution is not currently available with any apps.