• Rebuild the entire design from top to bottom

  • Prioritize for time: Dashboard, time clock & project/task page

  • Integrate stake holder’s desires & user’s needs


Competitive Analysis

  • Our design contained unique features differing from other similar products

  • Design comparable to Kronos Workforce, Snap Scheduling, and Shiftboard

  • Task management features comparable to Kronos, Workforce Task

  • Management, Asana, and Trello.

User Finding

  • Previous users had less of a learning curve than first time users

  • The plus button for new task list needed labeling

  • Users were more comfortable with nav bar on one side of screen

  • Logbook needed to be more recognizable


Why We Completely Redesigned

  • Rearranging the original design still left unfixable problems

  • A redesign would free us up to design more heavily on user feedback

  • We could more easily provide the stakeholders wants & user’s needs

1ST & 2nd Persona influenced Architecture

Primary Persona - Manager

  • Manager requires special access for: Task creation, tracking employee

  • Progress, Scheduling, Fixing time clock errors

  • Oversees all projects and trends

Secondary Persona

  • Mark off tasks when completed

  • Communicate with other employees

  • Clock in out of time tracker



  • 15 users were recruited for usability testing

  • Selection criteria included people who have/had management experience

  • Testing criteria included: time spent on task, completion rates, ease of use,

  • System usability scale, and heuristic adherence



  • Changes continued during hi fidelity stage

  • Team news feed was relocated alongside task column to save space and

  • improve aesthetics

  • Settings icon was moved from left navigation menu to top right corner