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About Me & What I'm Looking For

I'm a UX Designer who specializes in interaction design for entertainment platforms as well as the optimization of website layouts.


About Me & What I’m Looking For

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"I'm a UI/UX Designer who specializes in designing for entertainment platforms as well as the optimization of website layouts."


Living as a Seattle native all my life, I feel that the PNW is one of, if not THE best places to live. Before becoming a UI/UX Designer I worked at a CNC Machining facility. This taught me the importance of precision and having impeccable attention to detail. Parts that we made could be scrapped if they literally went outside the tolerance of .0002 of an inch. This type of detail has been important in developing skills within UI/UX Design where it is expected that no stone be unturned in finding solutions, and design is required to be no less than pixel perfect. Since earning my Bachelor of Psychology at EWU, I decided to move out of the world of machining to pursue a career that would better compliment my educational background, creative spirit, as well as problem solving abilities. After discovering UX Design from a friend of mine, I realized that I could combine the best of these worlds in this enriching design field.

Design is a passion of mine and I have found great satisfaction in improving the experience of others. Let’s connect today!


When I'm away from work I enjoy diving into one of my favorite pastimes, playing the piano. There is something magical, and spiritual about making music. Creating music will always be a big part of my life. I'm also a gym rat who loves feeding off the energy of others at the gym.

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