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Fit By Design

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About Fit By Design

Fit By Design is a concept fitness app designed to address some of the weaknesses that  other similar apps  have on today's market.  Designing an app from scratch seemed like an appropriate avenue to take as well as provide originality.

Problems of existing Fitness apps

  1. Lack of exercise disciplines within a single app
  2. Male dominated instead of appealing to both sexes
  3. Isolated exercise instructions instead of entire programs
  4. Unable to tailor preferences to individual needs

Competitive Analysis

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  • Most of the popular fitness apps tend to be favored by women (ex. Fitbit user audience consist of 70% women)
  • Highest percentage of usage are millennials ages 18-29 (24%) followed by ages 30-49 (19%)
  • Overall trends is towards apps that work with a consumer’s smartphone (rather than a separate device)
  • Ages 25 to 34—were the age demographic most likely to own fitness bands, likely because this is a group of early adopters with more disposable income than younger millennials.

Primary Persona

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Lo Fi wireframe sketches & Storyline

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How users will interact with app

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(Left ) Lengthy text for exercise instructions is redundant when pictures and videos are provided for instruction. A short paragraph should be all that is necessary for helping to guide someone through an exercise. (Middle) scrolling downward took up too much space. (Right) Horizontal scrolling for video screens in this situation was more natural and opened the bottom of half of page for a universal display screen.

Visual Design

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Spec Doc

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Next Steps

Develop the bluetooth synchronizing features this app has the capability of using. Develop a desktop version designed to be used by fitness professionals in the industry. This would help them create a constant flow of fun and interesting routines to use with their clientele.  

What I Learned

Wireframing becomes increasingly important when designing screen flows from scratch.  Skipping these steps can make the project take longer to complete and is counter productive. Aiming to combine multiple learning styles (ex. visual, auditory, reading) expedites the learning curve. Sometimes coming up with a solution to a problem requires taking a break from it and returning to it at a later time.